CFDB7 Export PDF Add-on

Download contact forms data from the WordPress database to a pdf file.


How to export PDF files (Contact form 7 – CFDB7)?

Just click on the ‘Download PDF’ button (submission details page) then you can download one contact form data to a single pdf file.
If you click on the ‘Export PDF’ (submissions list page ) button then you can download 100 contact forms data to a single PDF file, Then go to the next page and download it then you can download the next 100 contact forms data.


Demo Submission: Default-demo.pdf

Demo PDF ( Customised ): Custom.pdf

Template File: Zip File


How to customize the PDF template?

This plugin uses using mpdf library. We can change the default PDF layout with the custom HTML templates.

Create a folder into WordPress > wp-content > themes > {selected theme } > cfdb7-pdf > cfdb7-{id}.php

Example: wp-content/themes/twentynineteen/cfdb7-pdf/cfdb7-125.php


Where can I get Form ID?

Go to wp-admin > Contact (Contact Form 7) > Select form > Check in the browser Address bar.

Example: Form ID is 48


You can add mpdf allowed HTML tags and mpdf allowed CSS.

You can add the following shortcodes also.

[form_id] : To get form ID

[submission_id]: To get submission ID (Autoincrement from database)

[title] : To get form title

[date] : Submission date

[data]: All input fields

You can print the input field separately by input name;

Example: contact form 7 input shortcode [text your-name] then you can add [you-name] in the template.



Just $69 for an unlimited installation license.