Contact form 7 Column Based MySQL Database Addon

Saves contact form 7 submissions to your WordPress database table. Column-based contact form 7 database. It includes the database switcher and unique input filed plugin also.

Separate column for each cf7 input field



  • 1. Separate database table for each cf7 form
  • 2. It will generate a separate column for each cf7 input field
  • 3. Export CSV option
  • 4. Easy-to-use and lightweight plugin
  • 5. Developer friendly & easy to customize
  • 6. No configuration is needed

How to install the database switcher plugin (contact form 7 external database)?

Activate the database switcher (CFDBP-switcher) plugin. Then add MySql database credentials in Contact (cf7) > Switch Database.

Switcher plugin Insert submission data to an external database table. This plugin automatically creates tables and columns during activation or creating or editing cf7 forms.


How to install the unique plugin (Prevent Contact Form 7 Duplicate Submissions)?

This contact form 7 addon triggers an error if a field is already submitted. (Prevent contact form 7 duplicate submissions – eg: email already exists )

Just add a shortcode then you can enable the unique field for your contact form 7.

More details about this unique plugin.


It is not related to the cfdb7 plugin. Delete the CFDB7 plugin first then install this plugin. The CF7 submissions table will reset automatically if you edit the CF7 contact form. Submission data will be deleted if you delete or deactivate this plugin.

Contact Form 

Contact Form 7 Database (MySql – phpMyAdmin)


Dashboard wp-admin 


How to install the cf7 database addon?


Unlimited installation license $79