Display Of Form Entries in Frontend ( Contact Form 7 – CFDB7 )

See all contact form 7 – (CFDB7) entries on a page with pagination.

Demo: https://woo.ciphercoin.com/submissions/


How to use the “Display – CFDB7” plugin?

Step 1: Install and activate CFDB7 and Display plugin
Step 2: Add shortcode [cfdb7-data form-id='{id}’]
Example [cfdb7-data form-id=’51’ ]

==== FAQ ====
1. How to exclude a particular input field in the frontend?
Ans: Add exclude tags [cfdb7-data form-id='{id}’ exclude='{field1,field2,field3}’]

2. How to get current user(login) submissions?
Ans: Add the following shortcode into contact-form-7 form shortcodes before sending the button.

[hidden username default:user_login]

[submit “Send”]

Add query into cfdb7-data shortcode. [cfdb7-data form-id='{id}’ query=’username’]

3. How to add a custom single query?
Ans. Add query tag query='{field-name1, field-name2}’
We want to pass the value of field-name1 as $_GET[‘field-name1′] but we can’t pass the username.

4. How to increase the limit?
Ans: Add tag limit in the shortcode.
Example : [cfdb7-data form-id='{id}’ limit=’100′]

5. How to change styles?

You can add custom CSS styles in the selected theme CSS file.

6. Where can I get Form ID?

Go to wp-admin > Contact (Contact Form 7) > Select form > Check in the browser Address bar.

Example: Form ID is 48

Just $89 for an unlimited installation license.