Public Access CFDB7 Export CSV

Public access to export CFDB7 CSV file. It is a lightweight and secure plugin.

How to use it?

Install and activate the “CFDB7 Public Access CSV” addon by the wp-admin dashboard.

Then go to wp-admin > contact forms (cfdb7)> public csv > copy secret key.

Then navigate https://{}/wp-json/cfdb7/export-csv/{key}/{form-id}/{type}


You can download daily (All submissions before 24 hours )

Types: daily, weekly, monthly, custom etc


Where can I get Form ID?

Go to wp-admin > Contact (Contact Form 7) > Select form > Check in the browser Address bar.

Example: Form ID is 48


How to export submissions between two dates?

Navigate https://{}/wp-json/cfdb7/export-csv/{key}/{form-id}/custom/{from}/{to}

from = {yyyy-mm-dd}

to = {yyyy-mm-dd}


How to export all new submissions?

Navigate https://{}/wp-json/cfdb7/export-csv/{key}/{form-id}/new



Save CSV to disk (Upload folder)

You can access it by FTP client.

Navigate https://{}/wp-json/cfdb7/export-csv/{key}/{form-id}/{type}/save

File location: wp-content > uploads > cfdb7_csv



Just $69 for an unlimited installation license.

Demo: Contact Form